Umbrella Insurance

Personal Umbrella Insurance

Modern society’s proclivity for litigation should worry every asset holder as you might find yourself under the yoke of a gripping liability insurance claim any time. Much of the stuff in the media only gains significance when it affects you and it is time you started taking keener interest on these liability suits.

Like most folks, you have home insurance as well as auto or watercraft insurance, and you should appreciate that these come with a liability claim limit. As such, if you are found liable in an accident, you might have to painfully watch as your assets are attached to pay for such damages. This is where a Personal Umbrella Policy (PUP) comes in handy.

A PUP is extra liability insurance designed to protect you from large claims. It supplements all the other liability coverage that you have including home, auto and renters’ liability coverage.  It protects you when other policy limits are exhausted, and your assets are at risk.  Assets are the compelling reason to put a Personal Umbrella in place so that an opposing lawyer can not take them from you.

Umbrella liability provides coverage for bodily injuries during an accident, dog bites or other situations where you are liable, including property damage, cost of lawsuits such as slip and falls on your rental property or business premises, slander, libel, malicious prosecution, false detention and imprisonment and all other forms of liability situations.


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