Worker�s Compensation

One of the most important resources in your business is, of course, your employees. Without your employees, there would be virtually no business operations. However, there are always issues when an employee gets injured or dies in the course of duty.

Purpose of Worker’s Compensation Coverage

Worker’s compensation claims can ruin your business because a court of law can decide to fold your business to settle such claims. Basically, this insurance coverage protects your business against claims if an accident occurs leading to injuries or death to an employee.

This coverage caters for expenses incurred as a result of injuries to an employee in your business due to workplace mishaps, violence within the premises and natural disasters. It is a state-mandated program, which means you have to buy the policy in order to operate legally.

With this coverage, you protect your business while also catering for your precious human resource base. To appreciate how important worker’s compensation coverage is to your business, consider some of the expenses it caters for:

You will have protected your business against the high costs of litigation and costs of liability in case of accidents at the workplace.