Personal Property - Content Insurance

Most people would be amazed at the dollar amount required to replace all their personal belongs in a home. 

Big screen TV’s, closets filled with clothes, computers, and the valuables tucked away add up to a substantial dollar figure. 

Carriers typically use a fixed percentage (50%- 75%) of the dwelling coverage, so if the home is insured for $300,000, the Contents would be covered for $150,000 – $225,000 depending on the policy.  And should more be needed because of the unusual value of some items, additional coverage may be secured.   

Special items like valuable jewelry or paintings are covered in the “Scheduled Personal Property” section.

This segment of your Homeowners policy also covers any property that you might take outside the house, for instance a computer or other valuable items stolen from your vehicle, or items in storage (usually 10% of coverage). 

Of course, your deductible would always apply.