General Liability Insurance

When you set out to start your business, you came across myriad resources recommending general liability. As happens with most financial jargon, you might have bought such coverage, but you still have not understood the crux of this coverage. As they say, information is power, which necessitates some insight on this form of business insurance.

Commercial General Business Liability in Brief

In business, you face risks every waking day, and without adequate protection, you might burn your fingers badly and watch your investment go up in smoke. Commercial General Business Liability protects your business from any person’s or business’s claims against you in case of injuries, death or property damage.

The U.S Small Business Administration calls it the first line of defense and reports 84% of small businesses with this coverage survive in case of a liability suit. Some of the issues covered under general liability include:

General Liability is indeed your first line of defense, and the wider coverage it offers, the better.