Boat Insurance

Here’s a Refresher on Boat Insurance Basics to Keep You Safe

Boat insurance is credited as the earliest known form of insurance. The risks involved in sailing were just too many to be ignored hence the rise of marine insurance. Today your water vessel still requires such basic coverage in addition to protection against myriad other dangers.

As a homeowner, you might think your home insurance caters for this vessel, but you are wrong. Your home insurance coverage is not enough to protect your large powered boat thus necessitating specific boat coverage.

What Boat Insurance Coverage Entails

To protect your boat against myriad uncertainties on water and even in the dock, you need this insurance coverage. This policy entails:

Other types of coverage in boat insurance include personal property, medical coverage, towing and assistance and uninsured/underinsured boater, among others. Simply put, this coverage is complex thus calling for professional advice from an insurer.