ATV Insurance

Somewhere between purchasing an all-terrain vehicle and getting it out on the road, you will need to purchase insurance to cover your exciting new ride. Although you might be thinking you don’t need coverage, consider the following ways this type of policy is both helpful and necessary.

  1. Your state might require it. Many states insist that you carry insurance in addition to your homeowner’s policy if you drive on state-owned land. Inquire with your state to find out the laws.

  2. Insurance covers the ATV in the event something happens to it. If your ATV is damaged, totaled, vandalized or stolen, insurance covers the cost of replacing or repairing it. It’s a much better deal to pay for an ATV policy, which typically is not expensive, rather than shell out thousands to replace your vehicle.

  3. Bodily injury coverage applies if you are injured while driving the ATV. Given the nature of the fairly dangerous ride, it’s helpful to have coverage on top of your medical policy, which might not cover all of your medical expenses.

  4. Liability coverage protects you in the event you injure someone. If you harm other people while driving the ATV, you’re going to need this insurance. For example, if you hit someone and he needs medical attention, liability coverage kicks in to handle the medical bills.

  5. Likewise, property damage protects you in the event you cause property damage. If you damage someone’s property while driving your ATV, this coverage pays for the repairs.

When you have an ATV, you want to be able to enjoy it, worry-free. Although you’ll still need to be careful while driving, ATV insurance gives you some peace of mind.